Combining Aromatherapy and Yoga

A specific smell has the power to top you in your tracks, no matter where you are, transporting you to another time, another place, another life. But the world tends to rush right back in -- we can more or less shake it off fairly quickly. Imagine, though, the profound effect that aromatherapeutic scents can have during yoga, in which a core aspect is deep, rhythmic breathing aligned with movement. Our bodies and minds, both highly receptive in this focused state, can more deeply integrate the power of these scents.

As Demetria Clark writes in this blog for Hearts of Herbs, "using lavender… in association with a yoga and or meditation practice can increase the capabilities of lavender in your every day life." Essential oils can galvanize you during class, and can also be a beautiful enhancement of savasana, the final relaxation pose in which we allow our mind, body, and spirit to rejuvenate.

For more detailed information on combining aromatherapy and yoga, read Demetria Clark's blog at Heart of Herbs.

  • pet releaf, Witch

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