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Explore Merging Worlds of Eastern and Western Medicine at This Weekend's NYC Gathering

by Davin Turkewitz November 20, 2015

Explore Merging Worlds of Eastern and Western Medicine at This Weekend's NYC Gathering


There is a quiet revolution taking place. This revolution supplants traditional knowledge and what you might call an intuitive or “eastern” understanding with modern, “western” science and technology-oriented research and investigation. This revolution, unlike any revolution that has come before it, is a celebration. It is a festival.

And you are invited.

This is a festival and conference for people who are done with festivals and conferences. This is for the people that are scientifically minded but know enough to know that contemporary science doesn’t have all the answers. This is for the people that want to explore traditional topics in medicine in a fresh, contemporary, young and modern way. This is where east meets west in an opportunity to learn from and engage with open-minded, eye-opening, idea-evolving, self-improving, community-building and thought-leading doctors, researchers, practitioners, patients, artists, performers, cultural innovators, movers and shakers.

The East Meets West Medicine Fest is not only where the eastern mindframe meets the western, it is where the east coast meets the west coast. They are inspired by the explosion of the west coast music festival culture, the art, the music, the workshops and talks, and we are bringing it to the east coast in a novel form that focuses on the lectures and workshops as much as the music. This gathering is breathing new life into the archetype of the festival, so come to engage, to listen, to be inspired and also to dance. Come here to meet your new physician, one who genuinely cares about your physical and mental well-being.

There will be Dr.’s and DJ’s, meditation and medication, technology and herbology, and a whole lot more. During the evening portion of the event on Saturday November 21st, taking place at and sponsored by The Open Center, there will be vendors, workshops, DJs, Visual Projections, Dancing, Art Spaces, Tea Service, Performances and more. And expect a weekend full of comedic intermissions.

Learn to take charge of your health in a way that’s accessible, affordable and enjoyable. This is your chance to be part of something big. If you are interested in participating as a volunteer, coming on as a sponsor, presenting as a speaker, showing off your art or offering your medical services by donation, don’t hesitate to reach out to through the contact form on their website, or at

Friday 7-9PM: Keynote Speaker TBA at The New School for Social Research
Saturday 9am-4pm: Talks at InterfaceNYC and movement classes and intensive workshops at Hari Yoga
Saturday 7pm-midnight: 6 rooms of music, vendors, performances, workshops, free health-care sessions and surprises
Sunday 10am-5pm: Talks and experiential workshops at ImpactHUB, followed by reception

Dr. Neil Theise (Pathologist, Buddhist, Complexity Theorist)
Dr. Patrick Fratellone (President of the NYC Chapter of the American Herbalist’s Guild, Cardiologist)
Alexandre Tannous (World Renowned Sound Therapist and Sound Researcher)
Thomas Amelio (President of The New York Open Center)
Dr. Nitin Ron (Neonatologist, Mountaineer, Rubin Museum Art Guide)
Chiyoko Osborne and Jen Kluczkowski (Co-founder of Mindfresh)
Amber Lynn Vitse CN (Regional Educator at Garden of Life)
Katherine Maclean PHD (Former Psilocybin Research Fellow at John Hopkins School of Medicine)
Jenifer Talley (Assistant Professor at the New School for Social Research, Assistant Director of The Center for Optimal Living)
Biet Simkin (Founder of Center of the Cyclone)
Richard Mandelbaum (Co-founder of the Arborvitae School of Herbalism)
Kristen Rae Stevens (Ayurvedic Consultant, Ayuryoga® Specialist, ERYT 500)
Steph Zabel (Founder of Herbstalk, Boston’s Herbal Medicine Conference)
Natalie DeNormandie (Author, Herbalist)
Chris Kelley (Organizer of Consciousness Hacking NYC)
Jonathan Edwards (Founder of Axis Mundi Healing Arts)
William Bushell (Director of ISHAR)

Sponsored by The Open Center, The New School for Social Research, InterfaceNYC, Hari Yoga, Evolver, MAPS, Floraura, Elephant House Productions, The Arborvitae School of Herbalism, NuAxon, Herbstalk, Samadhi Arts, Evolve and Ascend, Psymposia, Chimes, Kaia Foods, Flower Power, Lucky Lotus Yoga, Cocoroons, Daily Greens, Sound Sparkling Tea, Love Grace

To Learn more: visit the website at or the East Meets West Medicine Fest Facebook Event page

To purchase tickets, visit:

And don’t forget to like the official Facebook page to stay up to date:

Davin Turkewitz
Davin Turkewitz


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