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Celebrating the Power of Plants for Conscious Living

How to Keep an Herb Garden in the Winter


Winter is just around the corner, but that doesn't mean you need to say goodbye to your herbs that have been flourishing in the sun for months. 

Elise Hanks of Terra Luna Herbals, where she sells herbal products like tinctures and smudge sticks through Etsy and local shops in Philadelphia, shares her wisdom with Metro on taking care of herbs when outside temperatures become less than hospitable.

According to Hanks, it's pretty simple. You just need a windowsill for sunlight, soil, and a plastic pot, or jar, to put them in. She also advises giving herbs time to adjust to their sudden change in locale. And some herbs, she points out, can be planted during winter to grow in the spring:

Know if you even need to bring it in: “Philadelphia’s [hardiness] zone is 6-7. It factors in average temperatures and when the ground freezes. If you’re planting a bulb — tulips, tuber vegetables — you can plant that any time before the ground freezes in the winter and then it’ll grow in the spring.” 


Don’t rush it: “A couple of days before bringing herbs in, you should cover them with landscape fabric or plastic to mimic the new environment inside. Give them time to adjust. [Once inside,] a good place to put them is the windowsill with either direct or indirect sunlight.”


Read the rest of Hank's tips over at Metro, where you can also learn about which useful herb she uses every day and her herbal garden remodeling project.


(Photo: Matt McGraw)