7 Herbs for your Autumn Harvest

by Alma Green

Sweet autumn is here, and the soil is ready and willing to receive. As this blog via The Herbal Academy says, autumn is a special time to harvest because the "plant energy that was devoted to the growth of aerial parts of the plant in the spring and summer is now turned inward and downward, delivering vital resources to roots and inner bark." So, what herbs make the best addition to your garden this time of year?

Goldenrod, a bright yellow flower, is one herb that flourishes late in the year and is medicinally useful for the cold weather:


Goldenrod (Solidago spp.), with its bright yellow flower spikes, is abundant in many temperate areas, and is one of few flowers that flourish this late in the year, so take advantage! Because the flowers are so small, it may be easiest to harvest entire flower stalks, hanging them upside down in brown paper bags with holes cut for ventilation. Check periodically, shaking the bags and removing the blooms that fall. This is another plant that makes a nice tea for winter (it is antimicrobial, anti-catarrhal, and anti-inflammatory!) (Braun & Cohen, 2007), or try infusing the dried flowers in oil for a relaxing muscle rub. You can learn more about goldenrod’s benefits right here.

Learn about what other herbs are in their prime during the fall season at The Herbal Academy.

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