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Olympic Gymnast Swears by Yerba Mate Tea

August 11, 2015

Olympic Gymnast Swears by Yerba Mate Tea

by Faye Sakellaridis


Sam Mikulak is an accomplished gymnast, with two gold medals under his belt and a shot at the Olympic gold in Rio de Janeiro a year from now. Like other athletes of his caliber, Mikulak has extraordinary work ethic — but that’s not all he attributes his success to.

According to the Boston Herald, Mikulak’s “real passion” is the herbal tea called mate, made from the yerba mate shrub indigenous to South America. Mate is known to have a caffeine-like effect sans jitters, an effect that Mikulak finds perfect for athletic practice:

"I went to practice afterwards and just had a phenomenal day," he said. "I felt energized, I felt in tune with my mind and body, and I felt very controlled over my emotions. It's perfect for gymnastics. You don't ever want to get too hyped. You want to have the calm middle — not too relaxed, not too hyped."

Mikulak is so inspired by its effects that he’s set up a company with his friends in the hopes of Americanizing mate and making it popular here.

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