Stay Cool with Refreshing Basil and Mint Smoothies

by Faye Sakellaridis



Basil and mint make for both deliciously refreshing and nutritionally rich summer smoothies. In this article on Herbal Academy of New England, herbal blogger Angela Justis writes about their respective health benefits, which includes healthy digestion, cramp alleviation, and stress relief for both. They can also be combined with almost any kind of fruit, so you can have them with a myriad of differently flavored smoothies.

Here’s a simple recipe that can be used for many different smoothies:


Fresh Herb and Fruit Smoothies
Adapted from Giada De Laurentiis
1 ½ cups of plain yogurt
1 cup of packed herbs, either basil or mint
1 + cup of ice
1 ½ cups of fruit of your choice, see recommended fruit/herb combinations under the herb descriptions above
½ cup homemade cooled honey syrup, plus more to taste if desired (see recipe below)
  • Place everything in a blender and process. Use extra ice and frozen fruit if you want your smoothie to be nice and icy.
  • Taste your smoothie and add more syrup if desired.
  • Pour into glasses and enjoy!
  • This recipe makes enough for four good size servings.
  • The smoothie is tasty even without fruit, give it a try!

Learn more about basil and mint’s nutritional benefit, plus a recipe for a honey syrup you can use to sweeten iced tea here.

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