10 Herbs that Children Love

by Faye Sakellaridis

Children are enchanted by nature — sharing herbalism with them is a great way to deepen that connection into something that will stay with them for life.

The world of herbalism is full of enchanting scents, tastes, and colors. As Angela Justis points out on “Mother Earth Living,” an online web magazine for the health and wellness world, herbalism can “inspire a love of the natural world” in children. It also encourages them to explore and develop a practical connection to herbs by understanding their various uses.

For instance, children take sensuous delight in roses; herbalism shows them how roses help with mental and physical ailments:

Rose (Rosa species)

The beautiful rose is not only wonderful to behold and smell, roses are also a beloved herbal remedy! Children simply delight in roses. They love to touch and smell the soft, silky flower petals, and they love tasting fragrant rose tea while learning all about this amazing plant. Roses are another nervine from the plant world. They help to open and comfort a sad heart while easing anxiety and depression. This may be helpful for children going through tough transitions in life or for sensitive souls who just need a little extra care and love to feel comfortable. Roses can also help to ease chest infections and cool a headache. The tangy hips are high in vitamin C and can thus be used to support a healthy immune system.

Delicious teas can be made from rose petals and hips. Use the fresh flower petals and rose water to make luscious desserts (like this Lemon-Rose Parfait). You can also add the fresh flower petals to salads, whipped cream, and baked goods. You can make a tasty jam with the hips by soaking them in apple juice overnight to soften. Dried baby rose buds are a wonderful craft item for children. Use them as playdoh decorations for very small kids or craft with them to make pretty jewelry with older children.


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