3 Ways to Invite Cannabis Into Your Nighttime Self-Care Routine

By now we all know that Cannabis has the potential to make us our most calm, cool, and collected selves. Something else that’s incredibly effective in allowing us to function at our best is how we wind down. It’s all too easy to let the screens and stressors of the day follow us right to our pillow (which should make poor sleep or waking up in a state of stress come as no surprise) but it’s important that we give ourselves the authority to prioritize shutting it all down and hitting the reset button.

Via Bowery Cannabis Club

It’s important to give our bodies and minds a break from the stimulation of the day, and an opportunity to rest before we sleep so that we can actually, well... rest. Taking time to shake off the day allows you to you show up ready to take on the next one. Making time in the evening to recalibrate is one of the kindest things you can do for yourself and Cannabis is a perfect aid in doing so. Cannabis can help us better manage stress by balancing the endocannabinoid system, allowing us to relax overall and potentially sleep better.
Since every body is unique, we had some of our friends share their favorite ways to incorporate Cannabis into their nighttime rituals.

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