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How to Use Lavender

April 13, 2016

How to Use Lavender

Lavender's soothing properties made it a staple in ancient Roman bathing rituals. It's known to sooth the skin, calm the body, and even help against scarring.

As this blog via The Homesteading Hippy explains, it can be used in both its herb and essential oil form:

The herb usually includes the fresh or dried flower and bud and the essential oil is very easy to find at an affordable price just about anywhere. The essential oil is one of very few oils that you can safely put on your skin “neat” or without a carrier with minimal risk of sensitization or burning the skin. It is steam distilled and has a very thin, clear appearance to it. The oil can also be used in a culinary applications, such as cookies, brownies or cakes. And, with over 30 types of lavender on the market, lavender oil not only blends well with many other oils, it’s also highly valued in perfumery.

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