Uranus Moves into Taurus: The Earth Awakens | May 15, 2018

Uranus's move into Taurus marks the beginning of a 7 year revolution around money, agriculture, and the environment.

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Uranus moves into Taurus on May 15, beginning a seven-year journey of revolution around money, agriculture, and the environment. The Earth is  rumbling and awakening, crying out against the carelessness of mankind. The Divine Feminine is becoming empowered, while art and music elevate to higher dimensions. Along with Chiron's journey through Aries, we're remembering to call upon ancient wisdom, healing ourselves from the Earth and our deeper intuitions.

With Uranus leaving Aries, we're also ending a period of fire and volatility—which could go out with a bang. With Mars soon entering Aquarius, we are likely to experience violence erupting. Volcanoes, bombs, revolts, and earthquakes often appear as Uranus changes signs. The last shift brought a tsunami and the Fukishima nuclear disaster, which arrived the day of Uranus' ingress.

In the longer term, our values are changing and becoming more progressive and egalitarian. We’re rediscovering community while addressing widespread issues around loneliness and self-worth. Unexpected changes, like market collapse and volatility or environmental disasters, could alter the world as we know it—bringing calamity that pushes us to solve major problems, with radical inventions and innovations.

How we make money and where we invest could drastically shift. Those working for themselves and for the greater good—outside of corrupt systems—will be amply rewarded over the next seven years. Some Uranus-Taurus questions have already begun to arise.
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Art: Hiroshi Sugimoto

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