The Astrology of October 2018: Changing Our Patterns of Love

We begin October with Libra in command, the Scales who forever strive for harmony and balance. Venus rules Libra—goddess of love, beauty, and the feminine. She’s extra potent this month as she prepares to retrograde for the first time in two years.

via Ethereal Culture

We’re now entering a period of deep recalibration around love, relationships, and sexuality. We’re plunging into our depths—transforming how we approach romance, femininity, and our sense of self-worth. There’s a quality of choicelessness as we transmute and release discordance in these domains, both in our personal lives and the collective. It’s time to step into the power of our inner feminine, destroying any blockages to healthy love, peace, and harmony. We can now forgive ourselves, acknowledging and releasing deep traumas. We can embrace the full spectrum of who we are, embodying true worthiness, acceptance, and grace.


Pluto stations direct on October 1, ending a months-long cycle of releasing all that we’ve gripped too tightly—any toxic patterns, addictions, behaviors, relationships, or circumstances that have impeded our growth. Our slates are now clean, our vessels emptier, as we make way for the new. The key now is to take responsibility for what we can change, and surrender to what we can’t. We’re finding balance between taking action and feeling our innate peace and equilibrium.

Venus Retrograde begins October 5, lasting until November 15. When any planet retrogrades, its energy becomes more pronounced and potent, and it undergoes review, reassessment, and recalibration. Ruling relationships, love, peace, and our values, Venus retrograde will bring these issues further to the fore. We’re questioning societal dynamics around how we relate to the feminine, and personally examining our inner feminine to see what needs adjustment or elimination. Moving through Scorpio, Venus’ journey represents deep transformation. Rather than placating higher powers, or weakening ourselves to make others more comfortable, we’re more fully inhabiting the strength of our gentleness and receptivity. We’re prioritizing compassion and tenderness, recognizing them as the source of our greatest power.

This is a beautiful period to reflect on how we love as we transition into higher frequencies of connection. Dynamics around dating, the arts, and intimate partnerships are all set to change and become deeper, more deliberate, and more meaningful. We’re rapidly becoming healthier, more balanced, and holistic in our closest emotional connections, which, as always, begin with forgiving ourselves and releasing limiting, judgmental beliefs about who we are.

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