The Astrology of July 2018: Chaos + Maturation

July is a cauldron of intensity, deep reflection, and karmic reckonings. The planets are igniting sudden change and rebirth, underscored by genuine inner growth and maturation.

This Ethereal Culture blog gives an overview of what July has in store, including planets in retrograde, Grand Trines, and moons both full and new.

Juliana writes:

Cancer the Crab is at the helm, bringing emphasis to our most private matters—home, intimacy, family, and tribe—reminding us to take time to recharge and self-nourish before diving into an erratic month.

Mars has just stationed retrograde, helping us recalibrate the inner masculine, while calling into question our anger, passions, sexuality, and desires. At the same, two Grand Trines arrive this month, softening our edges. They're offering helpful stability before a prolonged eclipse season, set to bring about painful breakthroughs and revelations of truth.

Transformation is truly underway, within ourselves, our lives, and the collective. It’s time to take responsibility—owning our mistakes, rectifying harmful behaviors, then stepping into our own power without looking for a savior. On a personal level, relationships are maturing and transforming as we connect with our vulnerable hearts and deep care for the Earth and each other. We have no choice but to embrace our authenticity, uncertainty, and the unknown. With careful consideration, we’re determining what to discard, what to rework, and what to create anew as we pave the way toward the new age—and toward a saner, more inspired future. 

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