The Astrology of February 2019: Becoming Better Versions of Ourselves

We begin February in the wake of two eclipses, which triggered deep purification and new beginnings at the start of the year. Now, the planets are pushing us forward, helping us evolve, rebuild, and take action. Our passions and discontent may be high this month, but they’re helping us break out of stagnant patterns so we can find whole new footing.

Via Ethereal Culture

One of the year’s biggest transits arrives this month—Chiron moving into Aries, where he’ll stay for seven years. We’re closing a fifty-one year cycle of healing and beginning a new one, which starts within ourselves. We’re learning to feel more confident in our vulnerability as we face our wounds and become more whole.

Significant Venus and Mars transits also occur this month, adjusting our direction, love lives, creativity, and interpersonal dynamics. We’re releasing the past and quickly laying foundations to become better people and more updated versions of ourselves. We’re learning to be more honest, awake, and authentic, as we care more for ourselves, each other, and the collective whole.

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