Scorpio New Moon: Rebirthing Ourselves

The Scorpio New Moon arrives on Wednesday, at 8:01am Pacific Time, sparking deep transformation and rebirth. It’s a good time to turn inward, to meditate and reset, as we begin whole new cycles in many facets of our lives.

via Ethereal Culture:

This lunation occurs in the midst of several major planetary transits, emphasizing our feelings of newness—along with the uncertainty that accompanies them. The North Node just moved into Cancer on Monday, shifting our direction forward. We’re now placing emphasis on developing the power of our vulnerability and feeling what we feel, without repression.

Meanwhile, we’re upending patriarchal conditioning—the unresolved karma of the South Node in Capricorn. We’re beginning to understand that repressed emotions aren’t strength, but unprocessed pain we end up projecting onto others. 

At the same time, we’re closing out a year of Jupiter in Scorpio, which has extracted our shadows—specifically relating to power, abuse, and sexuality. We’re now preparing to feel much more expansive and outward facing, as Jupiter moves into Sagittarius on Thursday. Our energy and optimism are ready to return, full-speed.

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