Scorpio Full Moon: Intimacy + Deep Transformation

Tonight's arrival of the Scorpio Full Moon brings in the shadow work. It's a time to face ourselves, examine our shadows, and emerge anew.

via Ethereal Culture:

On Sunday, a Scorpio Full Moon arrives at 8:58pm EDT, plunging us into greater awareness around our emotional lives, relationships, and unconscious drives. We’re examining our shadows as we continue the work of Jupiter moving through Scorpio—dismantling unconscious triggers and traumas while finding the courage to look them in the eyes. Intimacy becomes a priority during this Scorpio Full Moon, which requires us to face our fears that we’re unworthy or unlovable. As we do this, opening to self-love, we have the chance now to emerge anew—more available to ourselves and each other.

Forming a positive angle to Saturn, we can harness the power of the Scorpio Full Moon to make significant and constructive changes. We can ask for help and begin collaborating with each other in meaningful ways. We're implementing Saturn's lessons of deliberation, decency, and care as we rebirth ourselves and the collective. "Together alone," we're moving into greater self-mastery and -sufficiency, while stepping into more conscious behaviors and roles in our relationships, communities, and society at large.

During this alchemical Scorpio Full Moon, Mars and Pluto are conjunct—the co-rules of Scorpio. They are also conjoined with Pluto’s South Node, helping us dismantle old habitual patterns around power, abuse, control, and patriarchal patterns. As we dislodge harmful dynamics and societal structures, we are setting the stage for a new paradigm, set to begin in 2020—as well as the Aquarian Age. Working together, we are building a more egalitarian world—with the underdogs rising to the surface, finding their thrones. While it could feel painful to fight for our equality, or to own our privilege, pain is necessary for rebirth. Faced with the bright light of the coming age, we must be willing to examine our shadows, fears, and judgments—not only for ourselves but for the greater good.

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