Sagittarius Full Moon: Love, Forgiving, and Healing

The Sagittarius Full Moon brings spirit and joy into the struggles we have been facing, reminding us that the future is bright. 

via Ethereal Culture:

The Sagittarius Full Moon Flower Moon arrives on Tuesday, at 10:19am EDT, interrupting our grief and strife to present us with magic, love, and a broader perspective. Optimism, adventure, and opportunities abound, revealing the silver lining of any recent pain and discomfort.

With a beautiful Grand Trine between the planets of love, expansion, and forgiveness, we may feel our edges softened. Gratitude and buoyancy support us in the midst of rapid change and uncertainty. We’re remembering to connect with vastness and profundity as we find deeper sources of security and love—rooted from within. Dance, music, and energy healing are particularly potent, as the planets bring us into magical flow.

Sagittarius is the sign of spirit and joy. Whatever challenges we’ve been facing, we’re now remembering that the future is bright, that we're moving toward unforeseeable dimensions and heights. Anything we’ve had to release is making room for us to grow and expand our hearts further.

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