Pisces Full Moon: Soothing Integration - August 26, 2018

A magical Pisces Full Moon arrives on Sunday at 7:56am Eastern Time, presenting us with an opportunity to rest and reconnect with vastness and unconditional love. After a challenging summer of eclipses and retrogrades, we have a soothing moment of pause to forgive ourselves and nurse our wounds.

via Ethereal Culture:

This Full Moon marks the official close to the eclipse portal. It’s time to come together and feel our new energies—our new trajectories and notions of self. Mars stations direct on Monday, and our frustrations are now starting to unwind as our momentum builds. We’re finding welcome clarity after two months of reflection on who we are, where we’ve come from, and where we’re going next. 

As Mars prepares to station direct in Capricorn, we’re making new commitments on all fronts—in work, creativity, love, family, and friendships. Our societal and parental conditioning have been unraveling as we’ve been reinventing ourselves and our ways of relating to the world. As we end this two-month transit, we’re now more focused on caring for humanity and the collective whole—and more rooted in a greater sense of purpose, meaning, and inspiration.

During the Full Moon, Venus will square Pluto, so we’re deeply exploring issues around relationships—questioning our previous patterns, traumas, and conditioning. 

How can we now relate to each other with mutual autonomy? How can we love and appreciate our individuality and separateness, while also offering our support? How can we unconditionally love and forgive each other, while also maintaining healthy boundaries?

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