Libra New Moon: The Power of Love

The Libra New Moon arrives on Monday, at 8:46pm Pacific Time, offering a peak of passionate intensity. Building on previous transits, this Moon marks a fresh start around love, peace, relationships, and harmony.

via Ethereal Culture:

Libra’s ruler, Venus, has just begun to retrograde, and we’re officially entering new cycles around how we relate to one another—and how we establish healthier intimacy and connections.

Forming angles to Ceres and Neptune, we may feel especially tender and caring toward those closest to us. Things are in flux, with different aspects of our lives and selves exploding and transforming—all for the sake of restoring balance and equilibrium. We can be sure to offer each other gentle support as we undergo these rapid changes.

With the New Moon squaring Pluto, we’re experiencing deep alchemical shifts. We’re liberating from oppression, even within ourselves. Mars has just exited his shadow zone, and we’re now making room for the feminine polarity to step into greater influence. She’s claiming the power of Pluto, using it to transmute abusive dynamics and patriarchal conditioning.

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