Gemini Full Moon: Softening Our Rigid Minds

The Gemini Full Moon arrives on Thursday at 9:39pm Pacific Time. Mercury is in retrograde, Mars in Pisces, and Jupiter just moved into Sagittarius, conjuncting the Sun. The themes now have to do with communication and expanding our minds.

via Ethereal Culture

As Mercury retrogrades through Sagittarius, our ideologies and philosophies are up for review. We may notice our firmly held beliefs bubbling to the surface, ready to dissolve. We are finding ways that we need to stretch our understanding, while letting go of harmful clinging.

With Jupiter conjunct the Sun, the influence of Gemini and Sagittarius is exaggerated. We could feel overstimulated now, or prone to arguments. It’s important to think before we speak, taking extra care with our words. While curiosity and adaptability are high, the shadow of these influences is rigidity and self-righteousness.

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