Cancer New Moon / Partial Solar Eclipse - Opening the Eclipse Vortex: July 12

Time begins to warp as we enter a prolonged period of compression and karmic ripening.

via Ethereal Culture

An eclipse is intense on its own, but this one falls opposite to Pluto—planet of death, rebirth, and alchemical transformation. The power of this combination cannot be underestimated. This marks a potent and transmutational beginning, when important changes must occur. The death and rebirth of ego, relationships, and structures of all kinds are in order, as we experience sudden change and cathartic revelations of truth.

Because there’s a supportive Grand Trine in the background, we know that the power of this eclipse will work toward good rather than needless destruction. With an eye toward the long-term future, pragmatism, and sanity, we can disrupt and revolt against old patterns, which have been harmful and systemic—even in our personal thinking. We have to face ourselves fully—our fears, regrets, and darkness—so we can liberate from them. Before building the new paradigm, set to begin in 2020, we are purging and clearing anything that's obstructing our path forward.

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