Celebrating the Power of Plants for Conscious Living ~
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Celebrating the Power of Plants for Conscious Living

What kind of Witch are you? Bring out your inner Witch with this gift bundle. Perfect for the Tarot Reader on your list-The Wild Unknown Spirit Cloth, Unblocking Candle Oil, and Party Candles will keep you conjuring all holiday season.

Spirit Cloth for Tarot and Oracle Cards

Hand-illustrated by artist Kim Krans, the Spirit Cloth empowers newcomers and experienced readers alike with eight truth-revealing spreads to access inner wisdom and knowing. Designed for use with your favorite tarot or oracle deck or with multiple decks, this 27 x 27" cloth is alive with graphic detail, and accompanied by 16 colorful pages of illuminating instructions and imagery.

Cloth: 100% cotton, 27 x 27", black  
Instructions: 16 pages, black cover, interior assorted colors

Unblocking Anointing Oil

This oil is for anointing and candle dressing, made using our take on traditional recipes with herbs, gemstones, & pure essential oils diluted in carrier oils (for safety & intention purposes). NO dyes or artificial ingredients used! Available in two different sizes in cobalt glass bottle/vial with hand-painted label.

Pure Beeswax Party Candles

This bottle of party candles contains 32, hand-dipped, beeswax cake candles, as well as a beautiful box of matches tucked inside the bottle, so you can celebrate any occasion in style and you are never without a festive light.

$ 50.00 X

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